OCTF’s Project LIFT targets the completion of five “open-source” affordable housing demonstration projects—totaling 500 homes (“units”)—in five years. This five-project pilot will utilize modular and offsite construction strategies and will develop and distribute a scalable open-source housing development model for our region.

Project LIFT is structured as a data-based R&D project with constant report-out of success, failures, opportunities, and needs. Theopen-source affordable housing development model produced at the end of the pilot will document the design, construction, financing, and municipal participation needed for teams to develop successful modular affordable housing at scale in the Seattle-King County region.

The pilot’s five demonstration projects will be built in series, with some overlap, to ensure constant application of lessons learned and progress toward the ultimate targets for the fifth and final project:

  • 100-unit multi-family apartment designed with a diverse unit size mix.
  • $150K average per-unit cost.
  • Net-zero energy sustainability performance.
  • One-year total project timeline, including design, permitting, and construction.

Key Areas of Work for OCTF:

  • Clearly define all impediments limiting interest in, and uptake of, offsite residential construction methods.
  • Assemble work groups to address the impediments.
  • Build incentives package that addresses feasibility and encourages participation.
  • Identify and support demonstration pilot projects.
  • Continuously report design & permitting hurdles and successes (via blog & whitepapers).
  • Collect data and document learning; use to inform improvements on the next projects.